George Shot the Monster

from by Good Rays



George pulled out a rifle
and shot the monster.
He was a good aim.
It was like a bison, horns even larger.
Like a lion but tame.
George took off in his pickup,
the monster did as well.
With a bullet in his body
he was one tame monster, mad as hell.

The monster looked forward, furious.
George looked backward, curious,
just as eight old ladies crossed the street.
But the monster was to blame.

With the monster in the hot seat,
it seemed that everything was fine.
George went back to college
and left his past behind.

George was the best
sharpshooter in the world.
But so what?
He always did his best.
But so what?

I guess if you’re ever bored,
you can always think of George,
and you can say to yourself,
“So what?”


from Do Not Shoot, released January 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Good Rays New Jersey

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